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Poker Nerve Product List

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Our Complete Review of Poker Nerve

While it may not be a common name to all, Poker Nerve was launched back in 2014 by Kelvin “Acesup” Beattie and put outs quality tournament content. They feature 2 different tournament courses, a standard course and a course designed for progressive knock out tournaments.   Both courses feature advanced content designed to help you crush the games.

What Type of Content Does Poker Nerve Have?

Poker Nerve features free content in the form of their blog and feature paid content in the form of courses.  Their flagship course being the Road To Success tournament course.  They also feature the Bounty Hunter course, which is a course for progressive knockout tournaments. 

How Much Does Poker Nerve Cost?

The Road To Success tournament course has two different options, the basic course is $139 and includes everything you need to learn the fundamentals.  The premium course is $690 and includes everything you need to go from beginner to professional.

If you are interested in the Bounty Hunter Course, it’s available for $499 and includes more than 40 power packed lessons designed to help you crush PKO tournaments.

Both courses have payment plans where you can split the cost into 3 payments but you will pay slightly more to do so.

Is Poker Nerve Worth It?

Even though it may not be a household name, Poker Nerve still put out quality content and it’s reasonably priced.  If you were looking to get a more focused course but didn’t want to spend $1,000, Poker Nerve may be for you.


Overall Poker Nerve is a pretty good choice for tournament players looking to expand their knowledge by following a course but don’t want to spend $1,000.  While not as full and detailed as some of the other courses, it does provide a full spectrum of content that will help you become a better tournament player.

Frequently Asked Questions about Poker Nerve

What is Poker Nerve?

Poker Nerve is poker training site founded by Kelvin “Acesup” Beattie in 2014 that features tournament related content in the form of 2 courses, Road to Success and the Bounty Hunter course.

Who Owns Poker Nerve?

Poker Nerve is owned and operated by Kelvin “Acesup” Beattie.

What is Poker Nerve Pricing?

You will find both free and paid content on Poker Nerve.

  • Road To Success Basic – $139
  • Road To Success Premium – $690
  • Bounty Hunter Course – $499

Does Poker Nerve Have Cash Game Content?

No, Poker Nerve only features tournament poker content.

Does Poker Nerve Have Tournament Content?

Yes, Poker Nerve has loads of tournament content on their blog and both of their courses are related to tournaments.

Is Poker Nerve Right For Me?

If you are a tournament player that has been looking for a focused tournament training course but don’t want to pay $1,000+, Poker Nerve may be just what you need.  Their course, Road to Success, is a dedicated tournament course designed to give you all the tools to go from a beginner to professional.