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Upswing Poker Product List

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Our Complete Review of Upswing Poker

Upswing Poker was started back in 2015 by professional poker players Doug Polk and Ryan Fee.  They offer content for all levels and all different game types with both free and paid content available.  For free content you can’t go wrong with the Upswing Poker Blog or Upswing YouTube Channel, both which offer excellent content for players of all skill levels.

One of their flagship products is the Upswing Lab which is a monthly membership service which is a training course designed to help players learn how to approach the game correctly.  Covering both the basics and advanced concepts in both cash games and MTT’s the Upswing Lab is the perfect companion for players looking to take their games to the next level.  Starting at $49/month ($99 first month), the Upswing Lab will quickly pay for itself if you use and apply the concepts.

For players looking for content that is a little bit more targeted for their game of choice, Upswing has numerous advanced courses covering pretty much all game types and formats.  One of their flagship courses is the Winning Poker Tournaments course by Nick Petrangelo which covers both preflop and post flop topics and includes more than 13 hours of hand history reviews from real hands that Nick has played.  For tournament players looking to get to the next level, this course can help them do exactly that.

Upswing Poker also has advanced courses for cash games, heads up, PLO, short deck, mixed games and more. 

What Type of Content Does Upswing Poker Have?

When it comes to training sites, Upswing Poker has a wide variety of content available for a numerous types of games.  You will find excellent free content as well as advanced, paid content taught by elite poker professionals. 


One of the great thins about Upswing Poker is they have content for pretty much all game types which not all training sites do.  Cash game players will find all sorts of content in the Upswing Lab, Advanced Cash Game Strategy Course, Heads Up Course, and on the blog.  Tournament players can get their fix in the Upswing Lab, Winning Poker Tournaments Course, High Stakes MTT Sessions Course, and on the blog.

You will also find content for the following game types available in advanced courses:

  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Mixed Games
  • Short Deck
  • Heads – Up

Free Content

With most things in life, you get what you pay for but when it comes to the free Upswing Content, you don’t have to pay for a thing and still get excellent content from poker professionals.  When it comes to free training content, the Upswing Poker Blog is king.  The blog has quizzes, quick tips, complete guides, and a whole lot more quality poker content, perfect to help take you from loser to crusher.  You can also find all sorts of great content on the Upswing YouTube channel which mostly features Doug Polk.

Paid Content

While Upswing Poker does have some great free content, they also have some amazing paid content.  For players looking to learn a solid fundamental base, the Upswing Lab is perfect for that.  It features 70 learning modules that teach you the fundamental strategies, 354 preflop charts for cash games/tournaments, access to the private Upswing Poker group, and 5+ hours of new content added every month.

If you are looking for a more targeted approach to your poker training, you may be interested in one of Upswing Pokers advanced training courses.

Cash game players can’t go wrong with the Advanced Cash Game Strategy course by Kanu7 who is one of the biggest winning online cash game players of all time.  The course features 36 hours of cash game theory videos, access to the private group where you can ask questions and discuss hands with other members, and as a bonus you will receive 286 solver generated preflop ranges.

If you prefer tournaments, the Winning Poker Tournaments course by Nick Petrangelo is just for you.  You will find an intro section dealing with how the best players approach the game and use software to become better.  The preflop section contains a “Preflop Mastersheet” which contains preflop ranges for just about every spot and position.  In the postlfop section you will learn how to become a postflop master without having to learn how to use a solver.  You will also receive more than 13 hours of play & explains where Nick walks you through real life hands that he has played.

Upswing also features advanced courses for Pot Limit Omaha, Heads Up Poker, Mixed Games, and Short Deck. 

How Much Does Upswing Poker Cost?

Upswing Poker has content for poker players on all budgets.  They have free content, a monthly membership service which is $49/month ($99 first month), and advanced courses which are between $299 and $999. 

Is Upswing Poker Lab Worth It?

For most poker players that are not already crushing the game, The Upswing Lab will definitely be worth signing up for.  Many players including Ali “ali23imsirovic” Imsirovic have gotten their start on the Upswing Poker Lab.  If you are willing to put in the work to learn and apply the material to your game, the Upswing Lab will definitely be worth your investment and will pay for itself over and over.


Upswing Poker is one of the premier training sites and has something for just about everyone. New players will benefit from the loads of free content and Upswing Lab.  More experienced players will want to check out the Upswing Lab as well as some of the more advance courses for their game of choice.  If you are looking to improve your poker game, Upswing Poker may be just what you neeed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Upswing Poker

What is Upswing Poker?

Upswing Poker is a training site that was founded by Doug Poker and Ryan Fee.  It features poker training content in the form of blog articles, poker quizzes, free tools, the Upswing Poker Lab, and many advanced poker training courses.

Who Owns Upswing Poker?

Upswing Poker is owned by Doug Polk and Ryan Fee.

What is Upswing Poker's Pricing?

Upswing Poker has content at all price points.  Their blog and YouTube content is free.  The Upswing Lab is $49/month ($99 first month) and their advanced courses range from $299 to $999.

Is Upswing Poker Worth It?

If you are willing to put in the effort and do the work Upswing Poker is more than worth it.  You get to hear advanced strategies from some of the worlds most elite poker players.

Does Upswing Poker Have Cash Game Content?

Upswing Poker features lots of cash game content in the form of free articles, YouTube videos, Upswing Lab Modules, and the Advanced Cash Game Strategy course by Kanu7.

Does Upswing Poker Have Tournament Content?

Tournament players will find a wide range of tournament poker content in the form of free articles, YouTube Videos, and two advanced tournament courses by Nick Petrangelo.

Is Upswing Poker Right For Me?

If you play poker and would like to improve Upswing Poker is for you.  They have content for all budgets and content for all game types so no matter if you are a beginner cash game player or already crushing mid stakes tournaments, Upswing Poker has something to help you get to the next level.