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Raise Your Edge Product List

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Our Complete Review of Raise Your Edge

Raise Your Edge is another popular training site that was founded by high stakes crusher, Bencb789.  They are most notably known for their tournament course, the Tournament Masterclass which is one of the best tournament courses on the market.  They also have other courses available for more game types like cash games and sit & go’s.  If you are looking to take your game to the next level, definitely check out Raise Your Edge.

What Type of Content Does Raise Your Edge Have?

Raise Your Edge has content for both tournament and cash games.  You will find free content on their blog and YouTube channel.  Their paid content includes advanced courses for specific game types like their Tournament Masterclass or Bounty Beast courses.

How Much Does Raise Your Edge Cost?

The paid content on Raise Your Edge starts at $97 and goes all the way up to $1,297 for their Expert Tournament Masterclass.  They also have free content available to anyone.

Is Raise Your Edge Worth It?

The Tournament Masterclass and Bounty Beast courses are definitely worth their prices.  Their other courses are also a pretty good value but may not be the best on the market.


The overall impression of Raise Your Edge is that if you play tournament poker, you need the Tournament Masterclass.  It includes everything you need to go from a losing/breakeven player to a tournament crusher.

Frequently Asked Questions about Raise Your Edge

What is Raise Your Edge?

Raise Your Edge is a poker training site that was founded by Bencb789, who is an elite online high stakes tournament player.  They have numerous different products for different game types but are most widely known for the Tournament Masterclass, widely considered to be one of the best tournament courses available. 

Who Owns Raise Your Edge?

Raise Your Edge is owned by Bencb789.

What is Raise Your Edge Pricing?

Raise Your Edge has both free and paid content.  The paid content ranges from $97 to $1,297.

Is Raise Your Edge Masterclass Worth It?

100% without a doubt, if you play tournament poker the Masterclass is worth it.  It includes preflop ranges for pretty much any spot and will take you from a losing player to a winning player provided you put in the time and effort.  They also offer a 30 money back guarantee should you not be happy with your purchase.

Does Raise Your Edge Have Cash Game Content?

Yes, they have both the Mastering Live Cash and Elementary Cash Game courses that are for cash games.  They also have some free cash game content on their YouTube channel.

Does Raise Your Edge Have Tournament Content?

Raise Your Edge definitely has tournament material and it’s probably some of the best on the market.

Is Raise Your Edge Right For Me?

If you are a tournament player looking to get to the next level, the Tournament Masterclass is an excellent course to help you do just that.